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Don’t Trust an Insurance Agent Without Talking to an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney First

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Insurance agents want to settle your case but not in the same way that you want to settle your case, and not in the same way that you deserve to settle your case.  Insurance agents want to settle your case for as little money as possible so that the insurance company maximizes its profits.  You want to settle your case for as much money as possible so that you can pay your medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses, so that you can reimburse your lost income, and so that you have some compensation for your pain and suffering.

Rear-End Accident Settlements

When you’ve been hurt in an Atlanta rear-end accident, the insurance agent may readily agree that the party that hit you from behind is liable and offer you damages. However, those damages are not likely to be enough to help you recover from all of your rear-end crash injuries.

Get a Fair Settlement

Each Atlanta car accident attorney at The Dover Law Firm understands how insurance companies act and believes in our clients’ fair and just recoveries.  Accordingly, we negotiate aggressively and work hard to get our clients the recoveries that they deserve.

We feel so strongly that every Georgia rear-end accident victim should understand the games insurance companies play which is why we offer a free report about Typical Insurance Company Tactics. For more information about how we may be able to help you, please contact us at 1.770.518.1133 or via our online contact form.

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