It's never a good idea to sign an insurance company’s authorizations forms. You can easily ruin your case by signing the wrong documents. We absolutely refuse insurance companies’ requests that our clients sign their insurance forms. 

Many times after an Atlanta accident, the at-fault insurance company will send medical authorizations for your signature.  This is an attempt by the insurance company to access your medical records from the accident and for any other reason that they see fit.  We never allow this to occur.  No one is entitled to your medical records unless you provide written permission.  By signing an insurance company’s medical authorization form you are giving them written permission to get medical records from any and all providers that you have ever seen.  You do not want to do this.  This will allow the insurance company to access medical records that have absolutely nothing to do with the accident in question.  

The insurance company may ask you to sign a wage/employer information form that will allow them to access information from your current employer or any previous employers.  By signing this form you are giving the insurance company access to your entire employment file at your current employer, as well as all previous employers.  Don’t do it.  We at the Dover Law Firm never allow this.  

Sometimes the insurance company will attempt to see you right after an accident and settle your claim.  At the Dover Law Firm we have seen instances where an insurance company will send a representative to the injured victim’s house and offer $500 or $1,000 to settle the claim.  Along with the offer of fast money, they ask the injured person to sign a full release.  If the injured person’s condition worsens and he or she needs additional medical care, or even surgery down the road, signing that full release and accepting a small amount of money may end the claim entirely and deny the chance for fair compensation for the injuries.


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