You may have overheard an aggravated driver later saying "he honked at me," "she stole my parking space," "he gave me the finger," or "she wouldn't let me pass by." When a driver gets aggravated due to other motorists' behavior, it can sometimes lead to aggressive driving and cause a Marietta accident.

It's dangerous enough when an aggressive driver gets behind the wheel of their car, let alone a tractor-trailer. When a trucker drives his semi aggressively, he puts innocent lives in danger and raises the potential for serious injuries and death in Georgia crashes.

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Aggressive Truck Driving

If a trucker is threatening you on the road or is participating in aggressive tailgating, rude hand gestures, flashing headlights, or repeated honking, you need to know how to defuse the situation.

First, avoid eye contact and try not to react back. Do not brake suddenly or swerve, as you may further anger the truck driver. If you feel threatened, pull off the highway at the nearest exit. If the trucker is following you, drive to your nearest police station for help.

If you have been a victim of aggressive truck driving, and a trucker was responsible for your Georgia accident injuries, you should contact an experienced Marietta truck accident lawyer with The Dover Law Firm at 1.770.518.1133 for a free legal consultation today. A lawyer skilled in truck accidents can inform you of your rights and help you through this difficult process.
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