Just as various types of automobile accidents entail risks of certain types of injuries to those involved, motorcycle accidents have their own characteristic threats. Understanding those risks can sometimes put the danger of motorcycle accidents into perspective. The most frequent types of injuries include:

• Concussion and brain damage; it is important to note that the risk of death in motorcycle accidents is diminished by 37% simply by wearing a helmet

• Joint fractures and injury, most frequently to the shoulders and pelvis

• Soft tissue damage, scrapes, cuts, and bruises

• Biker’s arm, a type of nerve damage to the upper arm which can leave the arm paralyzed

• Facial damage and disfigurement

The risk of these and other injuries is not insignificant and should not be dismissed. Single vehicle and multi-vehicle accidents involving motorcycles result in injury to the biker 96 and 98% of the time, respectively. 45% result in more than minor injuries. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) can diminish the severity of these injuries in some cases, but they provide no guarantee and  should never excuse the exercise of riskier behavior when operating a motorcycle.

What to Do When You Are Injured

If you are injured in an accident, your interests will be best represented by a firm that not only understands the law, but medical terminology, conditions, and procedures as well. To provide for your representation, contact Dover Law Firm so that we can begin the process of getting you back on the road to recovery.

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