Last month, a new Georgia bike safety law went into effect. The law took effect on July 1 - less than two months after being passed by the Georgia legislature.

The seemingly sudden Georgia bicycle safety law comes after some significant bicycle accidents, such as the one that injured elementary school teacher Carrie Kane last April. However, the law is anything but sudden. Instead, bicycle safety groups have been advocating for the important changes found in the "Better Cycling Bill" for several years.

What are the New Georgia Bicycle Safety Law Requirements?

According to the Better Cycling Bill:
  • Motorists must maintain a 3 foot distance from bicyclists when passing bicyclists. The failure to maintain at least 3 feet between a motor vehicle and a bicycle can result in a fine or jail time.
  • Bicycles must be built according to nationally recognized minimum safety requirements.
  • Bicyclists have the right of way when traveling in bicycle lanes.
  • Bicyclists are required to ride in the same direction as traffic while traveling in designated bike lanes.
  • There are specific situations when a bicyclist may legally move into the center of a motor vehicle travel lane.

What Happens When the Bike Law is Violated and an Accident Occurs

If a Georgia motorist causes a bicycle wreck, then the bicyclist may be entitled to damages. It is important to call an Atlanta auto accident lawyer as soon as possible after the crash to protect your rights and discuss your potential compensation. You can reach Atlanta car accident lawyers today at 1.770.518.1133 for more information.
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