When you think about it, the expectations set up by doctors and the culture of medical care in this country is unique to the medical profession. You would not show up to get your hair cut and accept your hairstylist talking on her cell phone while cutting your hair. You would not attend a meeting with an Atlanta malpractice attorney and accept having your lawyer distracted by his cell phone or tablet. As a customer, or a client, you deserve better treatment just as you do when you are the patient.
How to Get the Attention You Deserve as a Patient
As a patient you have the right to protect yourself from medical malpractice. Atlanta doctors may not be used to being asked to put down their devices and to pay attention, but you are the patient. You are the customer. You (perhaps via your insurance company) are paying for the service. You deserve to be heard.  If you feel uncomfortable questioning your doctor or asking your doctor to put down his cell phone or tablet to look at you, then bring someone else to your appointment who can speak up for you.
How to Contact an Atlanta Malpractice Attorney for Help
Distracted doctors are just one example of how a doctor may be negligent in a way that causes you harm. If you have been the victim of medical negligence, then it is time to learn more about your rights by reading our FREE book: Why Did This Critical Medical Error Happen to Me? and by calling our Atlanta medical malpractice law firm directly at 1.770.518.1133. One of our experienced Atlanta malpractice lawyers would be pleased to talk to you about your rights and potential recovery.
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