A significant breakthrough in prostate cancer research has occurred that may change the way the disease is diagnosed and improve the prognosis for many men who develop this dangerous disease. While the breakthrough is brand new and it is too early to say exactly what affect it will have, it is important to consider the potential impact on diagnosis and life expectancy. It is also important to consider what will happen to patients whose doctor’s medical malpractice causes them to miss out on the potential benefits of the breakthrough. For those patients, it is important to understand how to contact an Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis attorney.

Identification of Prostate Gene and How it May Affect Prostate Cancer Diagnoses
The breakthrough, announced last month and included in the New England Journal of Medicine, identifies the first genetic mutation that can be linked to an inherited form of prostate cancer. While only about 1% of the male population is thought to have the genetic mutation, the odds of prostate cancer for that 1% may be significantly greater than the odds for the general population and the cancer may develop at younger ages.

The hope is that the identification of this mutation could lead to earlier screening and earlier diagnoses for men with a family history of prostate cancer.
When to Call an Atlanta Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney
While any testing based on this new development may be years away, doctors still have a duty of care to current patients. If you believe your doctor failed to exercise reasonable care and you suffered because of a failure to diagnose prostate cancer, please contact an Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis lawyer as soon as possible at 1.770.518.1133.

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