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Inflammatory breast cancer is an extremely aggressive form of breast cancer.  Since the disease spreads quickly, an inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) misdiagnosis can quickly have irreversible effects. It is a doctor’s responsibility to use reasonable care in diagnosing your condition. However, it is important that you understand how you might be able to prevent a misdiagnosis and how to contact an Atlanta breast cancer lawyer if you have been the victim of a misdiagnosis.

3 Tips for Preventing an Inflammatory Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis

  • Know the symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer presents differently than other forms of breast cancer. Educate yourself and demand tests if you think you might have this disease.
  • Question your doctor about how he or she arrived at this diagnosis. Ask your doctor to explain test results to you, and ask how the doctor can be confident that you are not suffering from inflammatory breast cancer.
  • Seek a second opinion. If you are at all uneasy about your doctor’s diagnosis, then seek a second opinion from an independent physician.

Contact an Atlanta Breast Cancer Lawyer for Help if You’ve Been Hurt by a Misdiagnosis
Even if you do everything right, you may still suffer from an inflammatory breast cancer misdiagnosis. It is not your fault. Yet, it has considerably affected your health and your life. For those reasons, it is important to contact experienced Atlanta breast cancer attorneys as soon as possible by calling 1.770.518.1133 or using our online contact form.

We also encourage you to learn more about your rights after a breast cancer misdiagnosis by reading our FREE book:  Breast Cancer: The Risks, the Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment.
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