Drivers often get in their car in a hurry, needing to get to work on time, pick up their child on time, or get to an appointment or somewhere else. They may feel a need to blow through stop signs or fail to completely bring their cars to a stop. Stop-sign running is sometimes caused by impatience and can lead to thousands of accidents a year.

About 50 percent of all vehicles observed committed stop-sign violations in school zones and residential areas, according to a Safe Kids USA study. The sad fact is that during the study, researchers noted that drivers who committed these stop sign violations did not change their driving behavior when children were present.

If you are a parent, you may find this information disturbing. Children are often victims of stop-sign accidents in Atlanta and nationwide.

Because kids often lack the ability to perceive traffic dangers and just assume that the cars will stop for them, they are in more danger of sustaining injuries. This, coupled with the fact that children are also smaller and that their bodies are no match for a heavy vehicle, means fatal injuries may often occur.

While there may always be auto accidents in Atlanta, there are some accidents that are preventable. When drivers slow down and make a complete stop, they may be able to avoid causing an accident or injuries involving innocent children and other pedestrians and motorists.

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