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This spring several important studies were published that looked at differences among young male and female drivers. One study found that while boys caused more fatal drunk driving accidents in the mid 1990’s that gap has closed, and boys and girls are now causing drunk driving crashes in similar numbers. Another study looked at which gender was more likely to be distracted while driving and found that teenage girls are more likely to be distracted by cell phones than teenage boys. Teenage boys, however, were more likely to be distracted by passengers.

When it is your child who has been hurt in an accident the results of such studies may not be on your mind. However, that does not mean that the results are not important to you and to your Alpharetta car crash lawyer.

Why Are Gender Based Driving Differences Important to Study?

It is through specific studies that researchers, parents, teachers, and lawmakers can begin to understand why young people are causing accidents. Then, with this information, education and outreach can be improved to help solve the identified problem. For example, while all drivers need instruction about the potential distractions of cell phones and passengers, it may be useful for a driver’s education teacher and parent to know that girls may be more likely to be distracted by cell phones and boys more likely to be distracted by passengers.

Both Genders Should Contact an Alpharetta Car Crash Lawyer After an Accident
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