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An Expanding Problem: Lung Cancer Cases and Deaths on the Rise

Jeffrey H. Dover
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Jeffrey H. Dover
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With ever-evolving technological and medical advancements and all the scientific breakthroughs in our 21st century world, the natural tendency would be to think that cancer diagnoses and deaths due to cancer should be waning significantly. Unfortunately, the reality is that the statistics are still rising.

Such is the case with lung and bronchus cancer, as the numbers are growing each year. Although on a grand scale, statistics from 1990 to 2007 show that the rates of lung cancer diagnoses and mortalities resulting from lung cancer are gradually slowing down, we still see increases in the statistics annually.

It is estimated that in 2010:

• 222,520 men and women were diagnosed with lung and bronchus cancer
• 157,300 deaths resulted from lung and bronchus cancer
• 6,280 men and women from Georgia were diagnosed with lung and bronchus cancer
• 4,620 men and women from Georgia died from lung and bronchus cancer

It is also estimated by the American Cancer Society that lung and bronchus cancer was the leading cause of death among all cancers, by far. Estimates show that in 2010, lung and bronchus cancer resulted in 29 percent of all cancer-related deaths in men, and 26 percent of all cancer-related deaths in women.

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