Medical care, like services in other disciplines, is largely dependent on a cost benefit analysis. Typically, there needs to be an economic benefit in order for a particular service, procedure, medication or test to be provided. In recent decades, the rate of autopsies in American hospitals has plummeted and so too has the valuable information learned from those autopsies.

As an Atlanta medical malpractice attorney, I want to know why. Why are we allowing information about potential diagnostic errors, medication mistakes, and treatment blunders to be undiscovered? Why are we not learning from our mistakes to improve outcomes for other patients?

The Answer May Be Money – and Pride
Why is such a useful tool in the fight against medical malpractice injuries underused? The answer may be financial. Hospitals are not required to offer or to perform autopsies, and many do not want to expose potential medical malpractice mistakes. Further compounding the problem is that insurance companies typically do not pay for autopsies, leaving hospitals unpaid for the service.

Contact an Atlanta Medical Malpractice Attorney to Help Your Family
Medical mistakes are going to continue to be made – especially if the medical community fails to identify and learn from its mistakes through tools such as autopsies. Medical malpractice can devastate a patient and his or her family.

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