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Fractures of the heel, ankle or foot are common injuries that we see in clients as a result of car wrecks:  

Tibia, fibula, talus or calcaneus fractures:  The tibia and fibula form a cup-shaped joint around the top of the talus, which provides most of the weight support at the ankle and foot.  The calcaneus is the heel bone and is found right under the talus.  Inability to bear weight on standing is a sign that the tibia, fibula, talus or calcaneus is fractured.  

It is important that foot injuries be evaluated immediately after an auto or truck wreck injury is sustained, and re-evaluated a week later, especially if no fracture was seen on original x-rays.  This is because hair-line fractures, which are small and subtle, can more easily be seen on x-rays days after an injury than immediately afterwards.

A calcaneal fracture or a fracture of the heel bone causes swelling and discrete pain at the base of the heel.  Recovery from a heel bone fracture is prolonged and the injury can often lead to permanent disability.  If multiple bones of the ankle and foot are fractured, you may need to have a fusion procedure, or arthrodesis, where the bones are sealed together.  Although this will allow weight bearing, the mobility of the ankle is permanently limited, both in side to side motion and up and down motion of the foot.

Lisfranc midfoot fractures of the metatarsals:  Metatarsal fractures are the most common fractures of the foot. The metatarsal bones are the long thin bones running between your toes and the ankle at the top of your foot.  They are very sensitive to injury when the foot is firmly planted and then undergoes a twisting force. They may require casting and surgery, including arthrodesis which will permanently reduce mobility.  Minor injuries may only require wearing a special type of shoe or boot for six to eight weeks.

Remember, it is vitally important that you get any heel, foot or ankle injuries immediately checked out after a car wreck and then re-evaluated a week later if no fracture was seen on the original x-rays.  If you have questions about injuries you sustained as a result of a car wreck, call our office to speak with one of our experienced Alpharetta accident lawyers.

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