Unfortunately, Georgia intersection accidents are a common cause of motor vehicle accident injuries and fatalities. While many accidents can be avoided by drivers, there may be other ways to prevent future crashes.

Specifically, municipalities may be able to improve the design of intersections to help reduce the likelihood of accidents. Some improvements that might be considered include*:
  • Position stop signs at all four points of an intersection. Requiring traffic to stop in each direction will not only prevent some crashes but will also slow drivers down, making crashes that do occur less likely to cause serious injuries or deaths.
  • Install a traffic light at the intersection. This may achieve the same goals as stop signs but allow traffic to flow more smoothly and with less stress to the driver.
  • Add in a turn only lane so that drivers do not feel pressure to make unsafe turns.
  • Create a roundabout or traffic circle instead of an intersection. Roundabouts eliminate the need to make left turns and thus reduce the likelihood of crashes. Additionally, drivers slow down when exiting and entering a roundabout and thus any collision that occurs may be less severe.

If you have already been hurt in an Alpharetta intersection accident, then you know the damage that can be caused and you know that we need to do everything that we can to prevent future accidents and to protect your legal rights. For more information, please contact an Alpharetta car crash lawyer at 1.770.518.1133.

*Source: Georgia Department of Transportation: Crash Analysis, Statistics, and Information January 2008

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