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Atlanta Auto Accident and Medical Malpractice Attorney
You and your Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis attorney have a common goal. You both want to settle your medical malpractice case for the greatest amount of money and in the least amount of time possible. While your attorney is experienced in the law and in the art of negotiation, he or she cannot reach an optimal settlement without your participation. It is you who knows what happened to you and how it has affected your life.

Three Easy Things You Can Do to Help Your Lawyer Settle Your Case
You can help your lawyer, and more importantly yourself by:

  • Not talking to the defendant or the defendant’s attorney without your Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer. What you say to the defendant, the defendant’s lawyer or others may be used against you in settlement negotiations or at trial. Thus, it is important to let your lawyer communicate on your behalf.
  • Communicating regularly with your Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis lawyer. If you have important information to share, or if you have questions for your attorney, then it is important to be in contact so that you can work as a coordinated team.
  • Following your doctor’s orders. It is important to do what your doctor tells you to do to further your physical, financial and legal recoveries.
Call an Experienced Atlanta Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney to Discuss More About Settlement Options
If you are interested in finding out how your Atlanta cancer malpractice attorney will fight for your just settlement, please call 1.770.518.1133 today to learn more.

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