Truckers, like other drivers, can cause crashes if they are distracted while driving. Currently, the U.S. Department of Transportation prohibits commercial drivers from using hand held cell phones. Other proposals, such as the one recently put forth by the NTSB, may further restrict distracted driving among truckers.

However, even the most stringent laws or employer policies will not prevent all Atlanta distracted driving truck accidents. Thus, it is important to know what to do after a crash that you believe was caused by distracted driving.

Our Atlanta car accident lawyers recommend that you:
  • Tell your attorney what you saw. Explain why you think the trucker was distracted so that your Atlanta truck accident attorney can look into it during a thorough investigation of your crash.
  • Don't tweet or update your Facebook status. Anything you say on social media can be used against you later. You are better off staying silent.
  • Read our FREE book: 4 Common Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Georgia Car or Truck Claim. This informative report will help you learn to protect your own rights, safeguard your possible recovery and fight for the damages that can make a significant impact on your recovery and on your future.

Truckers are responsible for driving multi ton vehicles that can cause significant damage. If you have been hurt in an Atlanta trucking accident, then please contact an Atlanta truck accident lawyer today at 1.770.518.1133 for more information about your rights and potential recovery
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